Stackhouse is a swinging harp-led band from the Netherlands and plays traditional blues in the classic Chicago tradition. The inspiration for the band’s name came from bluesman Houston Stackhouse who influenced many blues players that later moved on to Chicago. Despite a pretty big age difference between band members, their seemingly effortless ensemble performance does not suggest any age gap. Their latest album “ Tailgatin’“ picks up where the band’s debut album ” Big Fish Boogie ” left off, and delves ever deeper into the blues this time around.

Machiel Meijers (vocals/harmonica) and Willem van Dullemen (guitars/vocals) are the creative force behind the band and together have written the lion’s share of original material for the band. Front man Meijers is a showman with vocals that are energetic and gritty, and his main harmonica influences Big Walter, Little Walter and both Sonny Boys, feature heavily in his originals. Quoting, rather than copying he is rapidly developing his own style. The rhythm section features Bert Post on drums and Fred van Unen on double bass. Together they lay a solid foundation for the band. Experienced musicians van Dullemen and Post go back as far as the 1981 North Sea Jazz festival, but instead of diminishing their abilities, the years have only added to the depth of their playing. Willem van Dullemen is still one of the most tasteful blues guitar players in the country and weaves his guitar lines nicely around those of the talented Emiel van Pelt (guitar) who flaunts virtuoso solos on many songs.

On its release in 2010 the self-titled debut EP was picked up by both regional and national radio stations through both the Netherlands and Belgium. The 2013 debut CD "Big Fish Boogie" has been given an excellent reception by "people in the know": great reviews in Belgian and Dutch specialist magazines, extensive airplay, including major national and regional radio shows and addition to US blues specialists catalogue "Bluebeat Music". Within a year after release, this culminated in Stackhouse being featured on the Belgian Rythm and Blues Festival in Peer. Recent years have also been good for Stackhouse, featuring on such festivals as Kwadendamme bluesfestival, Brielle blues, Big Rivers Dordrecht and Liberation festival Wageningen. With the release of their new album “Tailgatin’”, more good is bound to come their way!!

Stackhouse throws a contagious bluesparty that makes it very hard to keep still !!


              " When I was asked to provide a quote for Stackhouse's new cd " Tailgatin' ", I wasn't expecting the level of depth these guys provide on this fabulous disc! A COMPLETELY well rounded blues tour is this record - twenties & thirties country blues, Memphis & Chicago blues, jump & guitar stylings, harp boogies, Murder ballads,originals & rare covers, they have it all here!

              Machiel is a young revelation on both singing & harp blowing, a beautiful acoustic harmonica tone to envy here. Meijers' singing has energy & grit. Check out Johnny Shines' "Joliet Blues" for his bluesy take on vocals. A terrific disc I know you'll enjoy with repeated listenings ! "


Mark Hummel

Grammy nominated & Blues Award winning artist

               " Machiel Meijers has developed the kind of voice and chops on the harmonica that most can only dream of attaining. "


Al Blake

Founding member of the Hollywood Fats band

               “ This is music that shows true passion and continues the Chicago blues tradition in stellar fashion. A wonderful collection of songs ! “


Barrelhouse Chuck

Blues award nominated and Living blues award winning artist