Juicy quotes and more !!

And a happy new year to you !! The last couple of months have been busy for us... Big Fish Boogie got extensive airplay, including major national and regional radio shows. We also had a lot of fun during the CD tour, which at the very last minute included performances on Belgian national radio show Dr Boogie (see our youtube page for videos) and concert venue le montmartre in Brussels (several youtube movies were made... and some nice photos were taken). We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that bought our album, either at a show, or in (online) stores !!

And last but not least ... the quotes :).

"Don't confuse the word 'boogie' for the hard 'n heavy stuff, think rather of the laidback tempos of Roosevelt Sykes or Sonny Boy. A great example is the instrumental song 'Peltdown' by guitarist Emiel van Pelt in which he lays down a fine solo." (Back to the Roots (BE), April 2014)

“Not only is the effortless ensemble perfomance typical for the absence of any age gap, but also the fact that Van Dullemen (Tip On In, The Groovetones) and Meijers, whether together or not, wrote the lion's share of the compositions. The latter, incidentally, is a brutal harmonica player, witness the heavy chromatic, raging Little Walter tribute, Scandal boogie. Excellent.” (Heaven, februari 2014)

“What seperates this CD from the average white blues CD is timing and frasing. This is something which can hardly be taught, but must be felt by musicians. Stackhouse won't have any problem with this, and they truly envoke a Chess ambiance on their record.” (Real Roots Cafe, 17 januari 2014)

“The experience spatters out of the spontaneously swinging speakers.The bluesparty that Stackhouse throws on this debut is extremely contagious. The hunger for more of this delicious blues is great.“ (8Weekly, 13 januari 2014)

“Everything reveals skill and a love for music. Great record!” (Jazzism, december 2013)

“These swinging blues are very enjoyable. And authentic. While listening to this record, one could easily imagine oneself in a club in Chicago in the 1940s.” (Lust For Life, december 2013)

“Young or old, it makes no difference: true blues souls recognize each other. Despite the age gap of almost 40 years, Stackhouse proves that music comes from the heart. Delightful rythm and blues as they were meant to be!" (Music Maker, november 2013)

This swinging harp led band comes from the Netherlands and delivers some good time rockin blues with excellent harp from singer Machiel Meijers and tasty guitar from Willem Van Dullemen.....A couple of covers and a whole bunch of well written originals make this a strong release from this new band.......... (Bluebeat music: Blues music specialists (USA), nobember 2013)

“The gentlemen from Stackhouse put together a fine Chicago blues album, which - as a debut - is more than worth the listen. Compliments!!!” (Bluesbreeker, november 2013)

"Dirty sound, dirty songs, dirty record……..perfect for Dr. Boogie!" (Walter de Paduwa, RTBF’s Classic 21 (BE) – Dr. Boogie)

“With that, Big Fish Boogie is a record that the gentlemen from Stackhouse should be more than proud of. No doubt, the band shall be a welcome guest in the Dutch live scene.” (Festivalinfo, november 19 2013)

“Paying tribute to the 40s and 50s rythm & blues-giants from Chicago, and then casually adding your own touch to it. And doing so on a debut album!” (Musicfrom, november 8, 2013)

“Skilfully and with verve, the band guides the listener through the most beautiful period of the blues in these twelve songs. Their love of music is obvious.” (Maxazine, october 14/ Blues Magazine october 16, 2013)

“Stackhouse invokes the ambiance of that golden era (the flourishing 1940s and 50s) perfectly, both in their own compositions as well as in the carefully chosen covers. Meijers is no less than masterful on the harmonica, which can equally be said for the rest of the band. We think this is a fine album and believe it will enrich music collections of connoisseurs in this genre.” (Rootstime (BE), october 2013)

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