Looking back

After a long and well-deserved vacation it's time to look back on a great season. For us, the year started off when we released our first album 'Big Fish Boogie' and had the CD tour right after that. Thanks again to the people that came to our shows and bought our album ... and are still buying it online each month!!!. Our thanks also go out to the people that wrote us so many good CD reviews (scroll down for excerpts). We got the chance to do some really nice shows, which eventually culminated in our show on the Peer Bluesfestival last July! We had a wonderful day and enjoyed doing the show very much. Hopefully, next season will bring us as many good things and more!!

To get an impression of how the show at Peer went, here are some pictures and reviews:

Fred and Bert make up the rythm section and bridge the gap to that other young gun, Emiel van Pelt, who wrote 'Peltdown'. He flaunts a virtuoso solo on this song, during which Willem and Machiel show off their dance moves. Machiel is a real showman who, in my opinion, knows how to use the stage. If it were up to me, we'd be seeing a lot more of this band during the next autumn and winter! The Blues Alone

The rythm section features Bert Post on drums and Fred van Unen on double bass. Together they lay a solid foundation for the band, and Fred's solo during 'She Just Wants A Man' really gave me a thrill. Willem van Dullemen excelled on 'Big Fish Boogie' and playing slide on 'Fine Little Mama'. Forty five minutes seemed to fly past during this fun set which tells me it was good. Rootstime

Inspired by blues from the 40s/50s, this authentic sounding band plays with a feeling and delivers a fresh set of (jump)blues comprising both covers and originals from their album 'Big Fish Boogie'. The crowd responds enthousiastacally: saturday is off to a good start. Bluesmagazine

Upright bass, bluesharp, great sounding slide and a singer that's into it: you know what that means... Straight-up (jump)blues of the right kind. A spicy start on this sizzling hot afternoon. Bealestreet

As the clock struck twelve, Dutch band Stackhouse were the first to enter the stage. With their mix of originals and well chosen covers they served forty five minutes of exceptionally swinging blues and jumpblues. Back to the Roots

All in all, the band can look back on a great performance. Liveactsbelgium

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