Thanks Kwadendamme & New recording dates

We had a ball at the Kwadendamme bluesfestival! Great vibes and nice weather made for a perfect combination, so thanks everybody!! Footage and photos can be found below. If you missed out: don't worry! We still have some of sweet gigs ahead of us, so keep checking the shows-tab for updates. In other news: plans for a follow-up album have been in the making all year. We've written new material and have been performing it live for a few months, but now we also settled on a new recording date. We'll be going back into the studio in September and hopefully we'll be able to tell you more after that!

Stackhouse are unknown to most, but they steal the show for many visitors. Young frontman Machiel Meijers is almost 40 years younger than guitarist Willem van Dullemen; together they form a solid foundation in which knowledge, skill, showmanship and fun all come together. Blueszine

Willem van Dullemen is still a boss guitar player, doing his thing in Stackhouse. Although his style of playing seems simple, nothing could be further from the truth. Their version of 'Get Fever' is top-notch for me. I have seen them live several times now, and they are a killer band. Their music and especially their originals are rock solid. Bluesmagazine

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